Who are we?


ExpressMed Laboratories is an anatomic pathology laboratory based in the Kingdom of Bahrain that provides services to hospitals, clinics, private practices, and research facilities. The services provided by ExpressMed Laboratories include global anatomic pathology services and technical services. The pathologic results are signed out by experienced and qualified pathologists with different subspecialties. Consequently, the methodologies are performed by highly skilled laboratory technologists and technicians following standard operations procedures.

Our Mission

The laboratory will provide services that meet the clients’ expectations, which include high quality, fast delivery (more than 90% of the cases will be reported within 24 hours), and efficient and friendly customer services and communications. The targeted clients are private hospitals, clinics, and laboratories (that does not provide anatomic pathology services) as well as government hospitals and laboratories. The services provided by ExpressMed Laboratories will eventually improve the treatment and the outcomes of the increased number of cancer patients in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region.

Our Vision

ExpressMed Laboratories provide comprehensive analytical solution for the diagnosis of tissue and cellular specimens.

Our Team

Our Team consist of top selected professionals that can provide you with the top notched care and services.