Anatomic Pathology

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Surgical Pathology

PILONIDAL SINUS - EXCISION BIOPSY: Inflammed pilonidal sinus tract (Image: Hair shaft engulfed by giant cell)

GI Pathology

BODY OF STOMACH - EGD BIOPSY: Moderate active chronic gastritis, H. pylori positive (IHC) (Image: Active inflammation+)

Breast Pathology

RIGHT BREAST SWELLING - EXCISION BIOPSY: Fibroadenoma (Image: Fibroadenoma)

Gynecologic Pathology

ENDOMETRIAL SAMPLING: Endometrioid endometrial carcinoma (Well differentiated; FIGO grade 1) (Image: Malignant glands)


PROSTATE LESION - TURP: Benign prostatic hyperplasia No evidence of malignancy (Image: Acini with corpora amylacea)


Gynecologic Cytopathology

PAP SMEAR: Satisfactory for evaluation. Endocervical cells are present. ASC-US (Image: ASC-US)

Non-Gynecologic Cytopathology

ABDOMINAL ASCITES - CYTOLOGY: Negative for malignant cells Reactive mesothelial cells (Image: Reactive mesothelial cells and inflammatory cells)

Fine Needle Aspiration

RIGHT BREAST FLUID COLLECTION - FNA: Negative for malignant cells. Consistent with seroma (with prominent inflammation) (Image: Neutrophils in cell block)